The Most Revolutionary RV Roof Vent Blind The World Has Ever Seen!

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Patented NiteAir is the only roof vent blind in the world to treat light and air differently to 100% blackout with 100% airflow.

The Niteair Story

Three years ago, we were in our camping-car near Bordeaux in hot weather. We have a roof vent over our bed and it was impossible to cool the bedroom enough to sleep without the roof fan on.

However, we were woken up at 3.30am by bright sunshine! When we closed the blinds, we lost all airflow but gained moderate darkness (the blinds on the roof “glow like a halo”!).

I realised this was because the designers treated the light and airflow the same. However, it is obvious that air can flow around curves at different speeds, but light follows straight lines at a constant speed

I decided to make a roof vent shade that would allow full airflow and total darkness by combining an AirMaze® with light-absorbing nanofabric borrowed from the Hollywood film industry

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