Hammocks are as old as the hills, but the Patented ‘Force Triangle’ mounting system allows each bunk to be adjusted by using all of the seat controls. Deeper sag for younger or wrigglier ones, flatter for older ones.

Kids LOVE Cabbunks!

No fixings, strong, stable, lightweight and a fraction of the cost of changing your van! Price start from £219  for a single bunk and £349 for a twin bunk.

Why is Cabbunk® Patented?

We can’t patent a HAMMOCK, they’ve been around for years!

Cabbunk® uses a unique ‘Force Triangle’ that is patented.  The ‘Force Triangle’ takes the weight of the person in the bunk (W) and EXACTLY MATCHES it with an Inward Pull (IP).


Cabbunk how it works

Because Weight (W) equals Inward Pull (IP), the top bunk stays EXACTLY in place no matter how heavy the person is (max 70kg).  This means that we can uniquely hang the second bunk from the upper Cabbunk®.  That is why Cabbunk® is patented!!
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