Now you can add TWO child beds into any swivel seat campervan or motorhome!


Is there a guarantee?

Yes! Three Years Replacement Warranty.

If we order one and, for some reason it doesn't suit, can we return it?

Yes, we have sold and fitted thousands and we know when they will work in a van, but it it is what works for you. A refund in this case is after return and is for the purchase price only (No carriage).

What age is it suitable for?

The height of the child should be upto 174cm. The width of the cab restricts us to this. Eighteen months to 14 years, more if the child is not tall, less if the child is very tall.

What weight of child?

Cabbunk is really strong and will carry well over 70kg per bunk but we guarantee it at upto 70kg which is plenty for a child.

Do I need a net to stop the child from falling out?

No, Cabbunk can be slackened with the seat slider and more active children will come against a fabric ‘wall’ like a travel cot side. For older children, flatten the bunk in the same way and it gives them more room.

Is it comfy?

YES!! we have to wake our grandchildren up in the morning. Like memory foam, the hammock keeps the child from moving about and waking themself up.

Do I need a mattress?

No. Use a sleeping bag and the padded underside is perfect.

Are there any cabs that it will not fit?

Cabs with a double seat and a single (Some VW) will not fit. For a Cabbunk Twin, both front single seats have to face exactly backwards (180degs).

Can I fit a single Cabbunk without swivelling the seats?

Yes, as long as you have single cab seats.

How long for delivery?

Three to five days.

Can I use Cabbunk if I have an overcab bed?

Yes, use it as normal.

Will the brackets leave screwholes in my motorhome?

If you need a ‘no drilling’ fixing, use the sliding door kit SDK. This leaves NO trace.

Is it easy to keep clean?

Yes, it is waterproof and can be wiped clean. Hand-washable.