Now any swivel seat cab can sleep two children

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Many grandparents are forced to make a choice ~ either a big, bulky family motorhome or to buy an elegant couple’s motorhome and deny their grandchildren the delights of ‘Gramping’. Now there is a better way – Cabbunk!.  NEWS!! The double cabbunk is now in stock and available. TWO children can now sleep in the cab of any swivel-seat campervan or motorhome!! (See Testimonials for pictures).

  • Strong, safe & light
  • Fits any cab with swivel seats
  • Easy to store
  • Installation – simple DIY or we can fit
  • 25 seconds to fit
  • Your dinette can still be used
  • No ‘jigsaw’ dinette bed
  • Gramping is now possible
  • Comfortable & fun
  • Keep YOUR lovely motorhome
  • Each child has their own bunk
  • From £179.99+ p&p

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